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Roots and Submersible Roots Blower

Roots Type Blower
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       Roots Blowers is different with Air Pump on the mechanism so produce the air flow greater than Air pump.  The rotors rotate cause the air is absorbed from inlet and compressed out to the outlet. 
        The amounts of clearances between the rotors and between each rotor and the housing wall affect the performances and volumetric efficiency considerably. We adopts the new CNC technical process, therefore the clearances and roughness of rotors can be controlled to the perfect. The features are the following: 


1.     Stable air flow, Less pressure variation. 

2.     Highest quality pilot & accurate gear applied.

3.    Clean air without oil moist .

4.     Construction simple & strong, easy maintenance.

5.     Standardized product with strict quality control.


Structure & Material:



No. Name Material No. Name Material
1. Gear Case FC25 11. Seal Case FC25
2. Oil Splash SS41 12. Pulley FC25
3. Oil Plug S45C 13. Nut SS41
4. Bearing SUJ2 14. Seal NBR
5. Bearing Case FC25 15. Nut SS41
6. Labyrinth Seal SS41 16. Shaft SCM440
7. Eye Bolt S45C 17. Main Casing FC25
8. Rotor FC25 18. Spur Gear SNCM21
9. Side Cover FC25 19. Oil Drain S45C
10. Oil Case FC25 20. Oil Gauge S45C



Submersible Roots Blower


Pressure: 1000X6000mmAq, Air Flow: 1.8-10.2 m3/min

* No Noise, No Soundproofing Devices

*Sturdy Structure to Ensure Durability



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