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Roots Type Air Blower

How to work:

As the following figure, Roots Blowers are positive displacement blower and also are Roots Vacuum Pumps.
The blowers working is two rotors rotate in opposite directions. The rotors are synchronized by two timing gears, running inside of the blower housing without touching.
The small distance between the rotors and between each rotor and the housing wall amounts to approximate a few tenth of a millimeter. Blowers will provide high air flow due to no touching between the rotors makes high speeds.                                              



The greater air flow will be produced by Air Blower than generally Air pump so the application shall be as following:


* Wastewater & Water Aeration
* Fish & Shrimp pond Aeration
* Pneumatic Conveying
* Combustion Air & Scavenging
* Conveying of Gas in Chemical Industry & Agitating of Chemical Liquids
* Vacuum Pumps

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