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1.  Roots Blower

1. Q. What are the major applications for Roots Blower? 
A. Usually the applications are as following: 
(1) Industry wastewater treatment 
(2) Domestic wastewater treatment 
(3) Vacuum 
(4) Dewatering in pulp&paper industry 
(5) Dewatering in Dye industry 
(6) Transport air
(7) Transport powder 

2. Q. What's the mechanism for Roots Blower? 
A. The rotors rotate cause the air is absorbed from inlet and
 compressed out to the outlet. 


3. Q. What's the range for air flow and pressure?
1. Air flow( m3/min)= 0.7- 400 
      2. Pressure( kg/cm2)= 0.1- 1.0 
     3. Vacuum( kg/cm2)= - 5000 - 0 

4. Q. What are standard accessories for Roots Blower? 
A. Suction Silencer, Belt Guard, Reducer, Safety Valve, Check
Valve, Flexible Joint, Discharge Silencer, Motor 

5. Q. What's material for Roots Blower?
A. Casing: FC25, Impeller: FC25, Drive shaft: S45C 

6. Q. What's the generally noise?
A. The noise(dB) depend on RPM. The general is 75-85 dB. 

7. Q. Why I feel the insufficient blower during blower have run some time? 
 A. The reason is stuffed filter. The remedy method is replace or clean the filter. 

8. Q. Why the motor overload?
A. The reason may be increased loss of pressure in the piping.
Or contact of impellers with the side covers. The remedy method is 
1. Check the difference of pressures between inlet and outlet. 
2. Increase the side clearance. 

9. Q. How to solve the overheat problem?
A. The blower overhead may be 
1. excess lubricating oil in the gear case 
2. Increased ratio of compression 
3. Contact of the impellers with the side cover 
The remedy method is 
1. Check the oil level
2. Check the inhaling and discharging pressure 
3. Increase the side clearance 

10. Q. Why blower occur the knocking sound?
A. The reason perhaps is 
1. Incorrect assembling 
2. Abnormal increase in pressur
3. Damaged gear caused by overload or insufficient lubrication 
The remedy method is 
1. Reassemble 
2. Check the cause of the increase 
3. replace the pilot gear 



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