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Type of Mechanical Aerators

Mechanical aerators are commonly divided into vertical and horizontal axis type. This two types are further subdivided into surface and submerged aerators. We will introduce the various types of aerators as following:

1. Surface Mechanical aerators with a vertical axis

Generally aerators consist of submerged or partially
submerged impellers attached to motors mounted on floats or fixed platform. The impellers are used to agitate the wastewater, entrained air in the wastewater and facilitating dissolution of the air.

According to the type of impeller, surface aerators will be classified axial and centrifugal.

The axial impeller type aerators belong to high speed operation. R.P.M= 900-1800,Motor = 1-150 HP, Operation depth = 0.9- 5.4 meter. The aerators may come with Draft tube when the depth within 3-3.6 meter. To avoid the spray to be frozen, this type aerators are not suitable for cold weather area. OTE( Oxygen Transfer Efficiency ) is about 2-3.6 lb/hp-hr. The high speed aerators are mostly mounted on floats and used in ponds and lagoons.

Centrifugal impellers type aerators operate at low speed. R.P.M= 30-60, Motor = 3-150 Hp, Operation depth: 0.9-9 meter. The aerators may with draft tube when the depth within 4.5-9 meter. OTE is about 2-5.0 lb/hp-hr. Low speed impeller is driven by reduction gear and motor that usually mounted on a fixed platform. The low speed aerators are used in activated sludge, digestion and lagoon.


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