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Types of Fine Bubble Diffusers


There are four general types of fine bubble diffusers on  market   Plates, Tubes, Domes and Discs. We will introduce each one below:

1. Plate Diffusers
The original fine bubble diffuser was a flat rectangular ceramic plate. These plates are usually 30 cm square and 25-38 mm thick. They are made of glass-bonded silica or ceramically-bonded aluminum oxide and aluminum silicate.
Fine bubble ceramic plates were used almost exclusively as the method of air diffusion in early activated sludge unit. Some troubles cause its decline in popularity. The reasons is as following:
a.  inconvenience of removing plates that are cemented in
b. Difficulty in adding diffusers to meet future increases in
    plant loading.
Recently-developed plate new design is ceramic and porous plastic media options. Both the ceramic and   plastic media are mounted on top of  vacuum-formed ABS plastic plenums.

These 30 cm X 61 cm and 30 cm X 122 cm ceramic and porous plastic plate diffusers are not attached to the   basin floor.  For the flexibility afforded by their individual rubber air feed hoses, they can be moved. Inconvenience
configurations were already modified in new design. 

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