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We collect the following environmental sites, articles and Misc. resources sites on internet. We will keep the link list updated as we find, or receive information from other related sites. Please feel free to advice us for any others that would be appropriate to add to this page. We also like to exchange links with other sites. Meanwhile please e-mail to us, if you have any suggestion. This web site will grow up with you.

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PWC provides a full range of filtration, treatment and disinfection products and services from personal, portable consumer products to large scale plants.

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Environmental Index

1.Ecosearch------ This web site provide over 200 environmental sites. Wildlife, Ecosystems, Ecology, Natural Resources, Natural Disasters, Research & Development , Education, Environmental Law.

2.Environmental Professional's Homepage------ There are hundreds of
environmental links on the Web. The index include: Government Agencies , Regulations References, Health and Safety Issues, Professional Associations Conferences Bulletins. 

3.WWW Virtual Library- Environment------ is a searchable index of over 1,000 carefully screened links arranged alphabetically and by category.

4.Ervin's Water and Wastewater Information and Links------ This page provides a list of links to various water (as in water treatment, distribution, etc) and wastewater sites. Included: WATER RELATED LINKS, SEWER RELATED LINK COMPOSTING TOILETS & ALTERNATIVES.    

5.Aqueous.com------- is a various site that provides widely link and search engine. The categories divide Environment, Hobbies, Home&Office, Sport & Recreation and Travel.
6.National Water Research Institute (Canada)------ This page provide
information on environmental issues and events through Canada websites. 

7.Enviro-Access (Canada)------ provides Technological fact sheets, Environmental research expertise, Enviro-links..                                    

8.WebWater------ If you are looking for any wastewater-related information on
the net, you should find it here at this site. This site provide a lot of free function as plant Listings, Supplier Listings, HyperLink and Ads..etc.

9.GreenPages------ The current edition of Green Pages is structured into 10 
main chapters with a total of 72 sub-classifications. Select any chapter to display the relevant categories. Subsequent clicks will display an alphabetical list with organizations engaged in the respective field.

10.EnviroInfo------ is a compilation of useful Internet resources to Environmental Science and Technology. This site maintains information on organizations, business, publications, online databases and software, research and education.

11.Agriwatch.com----- Agriwatch.com is the largest Agribusiness Portal in India. Customers can access to agribusiness related information covering more than 15 subsectors within the Agricultural and Food Industry, such as Rice, Wheat, Maize, Oil Complex, Pulses, Spices, Sugar, Cotton, Fruits & Vegetables, Herbs & Medicinal Plants, Dairy, Poultry etc.




1. Danish EPA------ This site offer Magazine, Rules, Regulations, Link and search etc.about Danish.

2. Swedish Environmental Protection Agency------ a central state agency working for an ecologically sustainable society

3. Swedish Environmental Protection Agency

4. Ministry of the Environment of Norway

5. Ministry of the Environment of Norway------ Consist of Organization, Objective...of Norway

6. Norwegian Pollution Control Authority (SFT)

7.The Finnish Ministry of the Environment------ This site contains some research, international cooperation and land use policy.

8. Federal Environment Agency in Austria

9. Public Waste Agency of Flanders in Belgium

10. France - Environment

11. Environment Agency of England and ales------ News, information, research and data about the environment of  England and ales.

12. Scottish Environment Protection Agency

13.Department of Environment for Northern Ireland

14.Czech Ministry of Environment

15.Ministry of the Environment in Israel

16.Ministry of Environment of Republic of Lithania

17.Ministerio de Medio Ambiente of  Spain  

18. Institute of Environmental Protection of Polish

19. The Ministry of the Environment of Polish

20. National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Environment of Italy

21. Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety of Germany

22. Direccao Geral do Ambiente ( Portugal)

23. Ministry of Environment of Luxembourg



1. Ministerio del Ambiente y de los Recursos Naturales Renovables ( Venezuela)

2.  Secretaria de Medio Ambiente, Recursos Naaturales y Pesca ( Mexico)

3.  Procuraduria Federal de Proteccion al Ambiente (Mexico)



1.Ministry of the Environment of Singapore------ This site offer info & service center and Green circle for interact.

2.Environmental Protection Department of Hong Kong------ This pages provide information about HK EPA and what they have done to protect

3.  Pollution Control Department of Thailand

4. Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment of  Thailand

5. The Ministry of Environment, Republic of Korea

6. Department of Environment and Natural Resources of Philippines

7. Environment Agency of Japan

8. Environmental Protection Administration Government of the Republic of China
    ( Taiwan)


1.Ministry for the environment in New Zealand

2.Department of Environmental Affairs & Tourism in South Africa


1.Save RainForest.net--- About rainforest information......

2. The RainForest Site--- You know....."The world's rainforests represent 3.4 million square miles of tropical forest....."

3.GreaterGood.com--- works with over 3,000 not-for-profit organizations creating the opportunity for internet users to make a free contribution to benefit children, the environment, animals, and more.

4. The Nature Conservancy--- is the world's leading private, international conservation group. They preserve habitats and species by saving the lands and waters they need to survive.

5. EcologyFund.com--- EcologyFund is owned and operated by CharityMall.com as a way to get new funds for critical habitat and wilderness preservation using the power of the internet.

6. FreeDonation.com--- is a web site with the mission of making the world a better place.you can make donations free of charge to important causes such as AIDS and cancer research, food for the hungry, shelter for the homeless, vaccines for children and more.

7. The Largest site for people who care about the environment---In this section you can find out general Company InfoMedia RoomCareer Opportunities.....


1.Monitor-Pro Limited--- is the UK's leading environmental data management solution provider. mapping module , Air quality data management, Landfill data  management......

Geologic Resources--- offer products include contouring and graphing software , Pocket Transits (and other products) and groundwater measuring instrumentation......   

3.Wisconsin Department of Nature Resources--- The Great Lakes Protection Fund awarded a grant for the Ashland Biological Phosphorus Removal Study to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR).

4.Enviromega Inc.--- Offer software include which predicts the fate of toxic contaminants and metal in wastewater collection and treatment systems, and a water treatment plant simulator, tracks CT and predicts disinfection and disinfection by-product formation in water treatment....

5.Enviro Sim--- dynamic simulator for municipal wastewater treatment systems and for systems treating petroleum refinery and petrochemical plant wastewaters.

6.GAEA Technologies--- providing superior software for Geoscience and Engineering Applications.

7.Hemmis--- offers the modeling and simulation of different processes such as wastewater treatment plants, rivers, sewers.

8. Wrc--- Planning tool for rapid evaluation of wastewater treatment plant design and configuration options.


* Misc. Resources-Link  

1.ENTRECO--- ENTRECO, which is an environmental treatment consultant. 
   The service items are Waste Management, Site Planning, Sanitary Engineering,  Design of
   Drinking Water Networks..

2. AntiFlood ---  design and manufacture a system to  protect your entire property and even the surrounding land in the event of a flood. 

3. Import Export Coach--- The Import Export Coach will show you how to start an import export business or strategically enter new global markets with your existing small business ...
International Business Plans...




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