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Submersible Jet aerator

     Submersible Jet Aerators, pump + ejector, are designed for installations  with a highly variable load.     The combined aeration and mixing action ensures a high efficiency operation throughout the entire tank without any dead spots.
     This type aerator generates the primary flow(water). The reduced channel in the nozzle accelerates the flow as it enters into the air suction area. A sufficient flow velocity lowers the pressure in this
area enough to suck in air( secondary flow). When passing the mixing area the water and air flows mix completely due to turbulence, and produce minor bubble cause high efficiency oxygen transfer rate.

    Usually, this type aerator can be used on Homogenization, mixing, sludge recycling, aeration tank.
Power range: 1- 7.5 HP,  input oxygen rate: 0.35- 6.1 kgO2/hr

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