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How to select the suitable Air Blower system for diffused aeration systems ?



As you know, there are two basic types of diffused aeration systems ; 
course bubble 2. fine bubble

The factors of importance relating to the efficiency of a diffused aeration system are :

The surface area  2. Contact time 

Differences between fine and coarse bubble diffuser :
 1. Fine bubble diffused aeration is therefore much more  efficient system than the 
     course bubble process. 
 2.  Fine bubble diffused aeration very little kinetic energy is consumed . 

We would like to introduce suitable Air source for different flow rate as following:

1. Diaphragm air pump: Air Flow : 4.5~80 L /min

For small aeration systems our diaphragm air blowers are the good selection.  The units are rated for continuous operation and are very quiet running.  The advantage is that they are simple to maintain requiring only a replacement low cost diaphragm for one~two year and clean filter cotton 3~4 months.


2. Rotary vane blower:  Air Flow : 0.31~4.3 m3 /min

For intermediate air flowrates from approximately 18 to 250 cubic meters of air per 
  hour and quiet running , rotary vane units are the best selection. 
 The working pressure is about 1000~3000 mmAq. 
 The maintain is only to add the oil at 3~6 months and clean filter cotton 3~4 months. 



3. Roots Blower:  Air Flow : 1.3~160.0 m3 /min

The roots air blowers are the main work unit of our aeration systems, the units are
heavy well engineered systems designed for high air flow rates & pressure operation. 
Servicing is again very simple,  the main requirement is to change the oil at 1~2 year. 

The working pressure is about 1000~7000 mmAq.

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